About Us

NutritionBay™ is a privately owned and operated nutrition and health promotion business, from people that have a personal commitment and stake in your health, and that believe in the benefits of natural foods and supplements. They have worked very hard over the years to create an enterprise that provides this availability to their health conscious customers. While profitability is always the bottom line, the company is committed to customer satisfaction.

NutritionBay™ was founded during an era when many thought health and good nutrition was for nuts and kooks. Time has proven that the fast food lifestyles that Americans and Europeans have adopted all too often lead to a myriad of serious health disorders, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

NutritionBay™ is a true health promotion store and thus is totally dedicated to natural foods and natural supplements. Some large natural food markets in certain countries include sections dedicated to beer, and hard liquor. This is not the case with NutritionBay™. This is held to be absolutely inconsistent with the philosophy behind the healthy Mediterranean food lifestyle.


NutritionBay™ maintains its own internal dating system to insure that all of its stocked items are as fresh as possible. As a NutritionBay's customer, you will never be sold old or outdated stock or close-out specials from manufacturers masquerading as new inventory. The store’s inventory is maintained in a climate controlled environment to keep it at its optimum freshness. 

NutritionBay™ is putting its hard earned reputation for honesty, fairness and quality online. NutritionBay's owners and management have gone to great lengths to create a secure online shopping opportunity for you, and thank you for shopping with NutritionBay's network!

Tassos V.

General Manager